Ashley Crawford Photography San Francisco

A freelance photographer, Ashley Crawford creates unique portraits and images of weddings and other memorable events. However, the San Francisco resident is especially interested in capturing images of Bay Area landscapes, most notably Stinson Beach and the Farallones. Ms. Crawford’s long-term goal is to photograph beautiful islands and beaches around the world. Ashley Crawford is a student at the San Francisco Academy of Art, where she studies photography, animation, and visual effects with a focus on character animation. She is working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree.

When not engaged in her studies and photography, Ashley Crawford collects Marvel comic books featuring Big Bertha/Ashley Crawford, a Marvel superhero who uses her powers to fight crime. She is president of the comic character's San Francisco and Stinson Beach club. Her dream job is to work at Marvel Comics’ Manhattan headquarters.

As she travels through life, Ashley Crawford hopes to build a portfolio that includes photographs of beautiful beaches and islands across the world. She also offers her services regularly as a wedding and portrait photographer. As a resident of San Francisco she is especially interested in capturing images of Bay Area landscapes.